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10 Tips for the Rookie RV Salesman

Starting out as a new RV salesman or RV saleswoman can be overwhelming so I put together these 10 tips for the rookie RV salesman. Whether the dealership provides training or not these tips will help put you on the right track. Not only do you have to learn about selling RVs, but you also need to learn about the dealership where you will be working and their processes.

Shut up and listen

Shut up and listen. People love to talk about themselves if you only give them a chance, but if you are talking the whole time, they never get a chance. Let them talk and you will discover exactly how they want to buy a RV instead of selling them a RV the way you want to sell them an RV. They need to believe it was their choice and not yours. Did you notice I said they need to believe? That’s right when you do your job right, they believe that it was their decision.