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I have put this blog together to gather other RV Sales Professionals, Green Peas, and Newbies for the sake of learning, earning and exchanging useful information that pertains to the RV Sales Profession. When I started selling RV’s for a living, I could not find any source that would help me get my feet wet and provide me with the inside information that would speed the process of becoming a Professional RV Salesperson. Most of what you find on the Internet when researching RV Sales is negative and bashes the salesman and the business of selling RV’s. Selling RV’s is an honorable vocation and you should be proud to say that you sell RV’s for a living. Things are different today when it comes to selling RV’s than it was only a few years ago. I will keep you abreast of the changes that you need to make to earn a great living in the RV business.
I know firsthand that the RV Sales Profession can be an awesome career choice and that it’s a very profitable business. The potential is practically unlimited when it comes to making money. I started selling RV’s at a time in my life when I needed to make money and fast. A Sales Manager of an RV dealership I was trying to sell advertising recommended that I try selling RV’s for a living.
After thinking about and the encouragement of my wife I decided to give it a try so, I jumped in with both feet and tried to learn everything I could about selling RV’s. I was determined to make a good living in the RV business. After a few months, I was one of the top salesmen and I was on track to make a six-figure income. To this day I continue to be involved in selling RV daily and earn a very lucrative income.

Thank of My Blog as Your Own Personal RV Sales Trainer

I share some of the lessons I have learned and continue to learn to sell more RV’s and make more money selling RV’s on this blog. Feel free to read some of my posts and add your thoughts, stories, and successes of being a successful RV salesman or saleswoman whether you are working the floor, working in the Internet Sales Department or managing the entire dealership.

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Kyle Krenik