Stay Positive

Stay Positive

I see it all of the time, a salesman is with a customer and ready to write up the deal. They should be excited, yet they have a negative attitude. Why, during the most exciting part of the sales process, would they be negative? During the close, we want to be upbeat and energetic.
Here are a few tips to stay positive during the sales process and throughout the close.
Take your time – Slow down! When you first meet the customer, go slow. Take the time to investigate and figure out exactly what your customer is looking for. It is pretty easy to stay excited when your customer is drooling all over the RV you picked out for them.

YES!!Ask those “yes” questions. If a customer says, “yes” 45 times in 45 minutes, you know that they like the RV. You know they are excited. You know you picked the right RV. You know they are going to buy it! How could you not be excited?
Stop! – Stop asking those questions that kill your deal. Don’t ask their payoff, payment goal, budget, etc. You know they are going to lie to you any way. Build the value in the RV they want and then show them what it takes to buy it.

OptionsBe sure to offer the customer alternatives. Alternatives build commitment. If the customer accepts the option for a different RV, you didn’t have them on the right RV to begin with. If they don’t want to switch, you have the right RV chosen and you can offer the switch again during the close to help hold gross.

Ask!Selling isn’t telling! Be sure to ask your customer plenty of questions. If you listen, they will tell you exactly what it takes to sell them a RV.

Get a commitmentAsk for a commitment before you work the deal. If the customer doesn’t commit, that’s ok. We will still write up the deal. If the customer does give us a commitment up front, we can use that later. Ask them, “When we agree on the terms and conditions, are you ready to take ownership of this RV today ?” Get an initial on the commitment and the decision to buy has been made. Now it is just working out the details.

Don’t adopt them!Don’t get too emotionally connected with the customer. We need to be nice, polite, and honest with them. We do not have to become best friends. If you get too emotional with the customer, it is more difficult to overcome the objections. The salesmen ends up believe some of the objections that might normally be easily handled.

ToolsYou have to have your toolbox loaded. A salesman can’t expect every customer to flow at first numbers. You must be ready to close. If you don’t have a list of closes at your disposal, you will miss more RV deals then you get. Read, watch, and listen to anything you can on closing. We don’t have the chance to use every one of our closes every day. Sometimes you don’t use them for weeks or months, depending on the situation. If we don’t keep them in the front of our minds we will lose them. Keep up on all of your tools.

Help! Don’t let your ego get in the way. If you feel that you are losing control or are going to be unable to close the deal, ask for help! Get your manager or another salesman involved. Selling the RV is your ultimate goal. Don’t worry about who closes it, just get the deal.

Make a decisionMake a decision to keep the negative thoughts out of your entire life. Turn off the TV. Stop watching the news. Dump the newspaper. There isn’t anything positive in any of these things. If you want to be positive, you have to stop getting poisoned. Study your profession and you will be positive. Being a negative or positive person is a decision. What is your choice?
Keep the negative thoughts out of your day. We all have problems. Do you think you can solve those problems easier with a positive or negative approach? Keep your chin up and your nose to the grindstone. You will love the results.

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