On a scale of 1 to 10

On a scale of 1 to 10

A salesman can never have too many closes in his arsenal.  It has been said that most closes are made after the customer is asked to buy five times.  If you only have 4 closes in your bag, you may be missing more sales than you are getting.  Here is a simple close from Selling RVs In Today’s Market that will help you close more deals.

When you have a customer that is not ready to close the deal on their first visit that is saying they want to leave and call you back, try this:

    “No problem, I totally understand.  It is a big decision and I wouldn’t want to rush you through it.  Before you leave, can I ask you just one question?  On a scale of 1 to 10, one meaning you wouldn’t take the RV if it was free and 10 meaning you were going to buy it and take it home today, where do we stand?”  Typically, the customer will say something around 7 or 8.  When they do follow it up with “Awesome, it sounds like we are winning!  Let me ask you, what would it take to get you to a 10?”

This is a great close to flush out an objection that you haven’t been able to find out so far.  The customer usually has their defenses down because they think you are letting them leave.  They think that you are done closing.  They are unprepared.  Most times they will say something like, “lower the payment” or “give me more for my trade”.  No matter what they say, close on it.  Try once again to overcome their objection and close the deal.

As always, this close isn’t the magic bullet.  It won’t work every time, but it will work.  Use this the next time your customer is walking out without buying and you will close more deals!  Remember, be-backs aren’t greenbacks.  Close them while they are in the store and you won’t have to worry about the be back bus coming back!

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