Don’t fool yourself!

Don’t fool yourself!

There is a reason they aren’t buying.

When dealing with retail customers we certainly must deal with rejection. We hear “no” much more often than we hear “yes”. The main problem with that is, salespeople have been programed that rejection is OK. We have been taught that every “no” gets us closer to the next “yes”. Do you see the problem with that? Most salesmen don’t. The main issue is, we don’t expect every customer that walks on to our lot to buy something from us.

Times have changed in retail. It is the information age. We complain that our customers are more educated. Is that really a problem? Think about this: Our customers are more educated; they have done their research online. They have waded through all the info online and still decided to stop by our dealership. Couldn’t they have read something bad about your dealership and decided to go with another dealership? Wasn’t there a chance that they caught a bad review about your RV and went with another manufacturer? Was there a chance that someone they worked with had a bad experience at your service department and told them to stay away. Think about it! All of the information they have gathered told them to go to your store to look for an RV.

Now, the manufacturers have done their jobs. The customer is on your Lot. Either physically or virtually through your website. The rest is up to you.

Here is the challenge to you:

Think back to the last 5 or 10 customers that were at your Lot or that you communicated with on the phone or online. Why didn’t they buy?

Think back to the last 5 customers you sold. What was the difference with these customers?

It is time to stop believing the fable that you have to talk to 10 customers to sell 1. People don’t have the time today to shop 5 or 10 stores. They have done their research and they are going to a dealership to make a decision. The decision will be, are they buying from you and your dealership or another one?

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