Shut up and listen

Shut up and listen

I have seen it more times than I care to remember. An RV salesman is talking, talking and talking until they talk their RV buyer into becoming a “Be Back”. This RV salesman tip is about shutting up because it is one of the most powerful tools that the RV salesman has at their disposal. The uncomfortable silence that shutting up can create might be the easiest way to close a deal. If it doesn’t close the deal it will at least bring up your RV buyer’s real objections. Either way you win, because you sold them a RV, or you can start working on their real objections.

Here is a Powerful Sales Tip!

People hate the “Uncomfortable Silence”, it’s the nature of humans. Some people will buy a RV because the silence will make them crazy, but when the quite makes you crazy you start talking some more. Now your RV buyer is relieved because you are talking, and they don’t have to make a decision. If you keep talking too much your RV buyer gets bored, doesn’t have a chance to buy a RV and they are ready to go home. They ask for your business card and say that they must think about it and that they will “Be Back” tomorrow. Say good bye to your commission which is the real reason for this RV salesman tip.

The Logic of This Tip!

Selling RVs for a living is much more than logic if all RV buyers used logic to purchase a RV nobody would make any money. This RV salesman tip is about the unseen psychological factors and triggers that make people buy RVs. There is no question that a successful RV salesman has to be able to walk to a fine line to know when to shut up and when to talk. The secret of your success as a RV salesman is being able to read your customer and use the tools you have at the right time and in the right amount. The wrong tool at the wrong time creates “Be Backs” rather than buyers, so read and listen carefully to your customer. They will tell you how to sell them an RV, but they don’t always use words.

Shut Up And Listen To The Customer!

Shut up and listen. People love to talk about themselves if you only give them a chance, but if you are talking the whole time, they never get a chance. Let them talk and you will discover exactly how they want to buy a RV instead selling them a RV the way you want to sell them a RV. They need to believe it was their choice and not yours. Did you notice I said they need to believe? That’s right, when you do your job right, they believe that it was their decision.

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